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Class Descriptions

Our fitness classes are second to none and are some of the best in the country. We pride ourselves on providing high level of instruction within all sessions and maintain correct intensity for all levels of fitness. We will have you training hard and training smart every step of the way.

  • Highly motivating class experience
  • High intensity and structured sessions
  • Heart Rate monitors for correct training zones
  • Time efficient classes 45 – 55 mins
Military Metabolic Training (MMT) is a High Intensity Interval Training class that will help you improve your muscular strength, endurance, increase VO2 Max and sculpt your body like no other. The MMT class is a full body circuit class incorporating 16 different types of exercises, using a variety of equipment to challenge you every time your in the studio. Each exercises is timed for 45 seconds with a strong focus on muscular endurance and /or brief bouts of cardiovascular sets. Then between fitness stations you will conduct plyometric and body weight exercises to keep you moving. MMT has six different pre planned workouts keeping your body guessing.
Athletica is a phenomenal high intensity class that focuses on athletic conditioning. This 50 minute class will push you to achieve the results you want. Working in pairs during this class is key to provide that team environment, throughout all 12 different exercises. We believe in the importance of mobility, functional strength, explosive power, speed and agility so we have combined all of these components into one class. No class is ever the same, you will combine cardiovascular conditioning and functional strength within timed sets with short recovery. Train hard, Train smart.
Functional 4.0 is a popular high energy training class that builds intensity continuously over the 50 minutes. Group training is a great way to add extra motivation. Within this class you will train eight different functional exercises, each for 50 seconds and completing four rounds with minimal rest. Increase your reps and/or weight each round to push yourself to the next level. No class is ever the same, you will also combine cardiovascular and functional strength exercises to get the results you want.
One of the most popular cardio kickboxing classes in town! This class will be focusing on one thing, burning calories, building strength and hitting hard. Members will be using focus pads, kicking shields, skipping ropes and strength exercises, this class will not disappoint. Everyone in class will be paired off and will work hard together within a team environment.
Abs & Glutes is the fastest way to sculpt and strengthen your core and lower body. This class includes an assortment of exercises targeting abdominals, glutes, and legs. Focus is on form, technique and intensity to tone and strengthen. We will include some intense upper body exercises for a full body workout from time to time to give you the full package.
Personal Training in a group setting. This class focuses on the development of strength, speed, and power. This 50-minute class is based around performing at high-intensity, and developing the strength and power you need to excel at your personal goals. We start off with a session brief, outlining the structure and goals for the day, then proceeds into explosive movements before undertaking a set of strength movements, and finishing with a high-intensity conditioning circuit.
This is a full body conditioning class, using kettlebells and dumbbells. You will add explosive power and improve on your aerobic strength during this session. Each week the focus will change for this session from high repetitions, timed exercises and regular sets while keeping your heart rate up! These types of muscular endurance workouts are great for producing outstanding results in strength, stamina, endurance and body composition. No matter your fitness level this class will help you improve
Urban Fitness is a Hip Hop inspired workout lead by two trainers. In this hour, Rebekaah and Jill will put you through a dynamic warm up, a section of choreographed dance, interval training, a lifting circuit with a maximum focus on form, a killer ab section and a stretch. This is a fun, total body workout that you’ll never forget.
This class is great to improve your strength, flexibility and mobility. We have combined all three components within one class, we will focus on two muscles groups each class, starting with dumbbell exercises then applying proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching. Which is a set of stretching techniques commonly used in clinical environments to enhance both active and passive range of motion in order to improve motor performance and aid rehabilitation.
This 30 minute class will breakdown key exercises and movements to help our members develop correct technique. You will focus on one exercise then finish the session with a high energy Superset.

Unlike traditional gyms, we focus on our members as individuals, and provide the tools, support and accountability they need to achieve sustainable results.

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