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Tomas Celery

Tomas is a highly experienced strength coach with a solid background in CrossFit and Kettlebell training. He also has great experience in Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. Tomas enjoys the outdoors and competes within adventure races and anything that will challenge him.

  • Limitless Personal Trainer
  • Limitless Instructor

Personal Trainer

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Training Style

Train smart, injury free and the correct intensity.

Class Instructor

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Rush 2.0 / Tec-Con / Iron Strength / KB Pump

Limitless Athlete

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Events or Races

Combat Athlete and adventure racing

Profile Picture

Tomas Celery
Tomas CeleryPersonal Trainer & Instructor
Tomas enjoys any challenge with his experience you will reach your fitness goals.

Some of my highlights

  • StrongFirst – Kettlebell Instructor Level I
  • FMS – Certified Level 1
  • Masters in Sports
Activity Numbers
Deadlift 463 lbs
Push ups
Squat 330 lbs
Bench Press 220 lbs
2000m Rowing
Weighted Pull ups 88 lbs

Train hard everyday and paddle board

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.


Train Hard, Fight Easy