Equipment Reviews


There are many different types of computers and tools that can enhance your training sessions and assist you in achieve greater results as you record data and measure your consistency. We believe that they are only tools to help you and should not always be relied on. It is a great way to track your progression and help maintain your motivation. Here are some that we have recommended as they have assisted the age group athletes all the way up to the professional level in achieving better results.


Equipment Description
one Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

This is an incredible new swimming beeper which is really easy to use. Wetronome’s and Tempo trainers are great swimming tools which are obviously waterproof and secure easily under your swim cap. How it works is it transmits an audible beep helping you maintain stroke count and pace in the pool. This allows you to completely focus on your swim session without losing count of Stroke Rate and Lap Intervals. I highly recommend this product as it is relatively cheap and you will see improvements fast.

two Quarq Elsa 10R Power Meter

This is the latest Quarq technology and is amazingly lightweight and strong. A cycling power meter is a device that measures power output (Watts) and provides endless data to support improvements of your next race. Power meters provide instant feedback to you about your performance and will measure your actual output in real-time. In training using a power meter is increasingly popular; they are not cheap but will provide you with amazing data and assist you in improving all areas on your bike.There are other great power meters out there, but I found this to be the cleanest looking with excellent ANT+ accuracy in capturing Power Balance™ (% between left and right), OmniCal™ (Which gives you a choice of chainrings with no compromise on accuracy), Exogram™ (Hollow Carbon crank arms by SRAM reduce weight and increase performance). With lengths of 162.5-177.5mm this will no doubt take your cycling to the next level. I have had great results and seen other reports of great performances. This is the Pro’s choice.

three Garmin Gps 810

The Garmin Edge 810 is a cycling GPS computer with built in mapping navigation. This piece of kit is a must have for any avid cyclist. This computer is ANT + and attaches on your bike for real time data. This computer will track everything from speed, cadence, distance, power output, elevation, etc. The best part about Garmin is having the option to set up your own layout configuration. Very easy to use and reliable satellites acquired. If you are training with power, this computer is a must. There are really too many features to list, so make sure you check out the website.

four Gymboss

A simple stop watch for the gym is of the past. This tool is not only great for doing resistance training in the gym; it’s also great for interval sessions on the track. The best part is, not having to constantly look at your watch. It’s very simple, you enter the times into the Gymboss and then attach to your shorts or whatever you choose then start your set. You will hear a beeping sound and or a vibration after each period ends. Rather than worrying about how much rest you have, just relax control your breathing then then back into your set once beeping sounds. I recommend this peace of kit for your next resistance session.

five Timex Gps & Heart Rate Monitor

This Timex computer has it all, Swim, Bike and Run all in one watch. A heart rate monitor is a personal monitoring device which allows one to measure your heart rate in real time or record for later study. It is largely used for monitoring your performance of various types of exercise within specific zones. Now add a GPS component that in real time records your speed, distance, elevation, averages, calories, etc. and you have the ultimate piece of kit for building performance. This GPS watch is a must, as it helps you aim for specific target goals with your pace, distance, heart rate and times. You will maintain more consistency within your training and see better results in races.

six Trigger Point Therapy Rollers

Your recovery sessions are just as important if not more as a regular training session. If you are injured than you cannot perform. Trigger Point Therapy rollers are a great tool to use during your cool down and between session keep muscles relaxed and maintain an injury free season. The Grid roller is lightweight for travel, easy to use and with high firm bumps to feel like fingers digging into your problem areas. The foot and quad rollers combined work really well; they have smooth rolling areas and are built to last. I highly recommend recovery sessions with the Trigger Point Therapy Rollers.

2xu sock 2XU Elite Compression Socks

These are the most versatile socks for both performance and recovery. Strategically placed fabric zones start in the footbed, wrap the heel and ankle, and gradient compression ensures maximum venous return and muscle containment in the lower leg. A must for any athlete looking for both performance and comfort.

nine 2XU V3 Velocity Wetsuit

These wetsuits are second to none and the very best athletes out there want these guys as their sponsors. Every year 2XU improve their suits incorporating new Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) panels for better flexibility and hydrodynamics. With the concave water entrapment zones on the forearm and propulsion panels on the legs you will glide and feel the power. Make sure you get in store to try them on, because I personally found the sizing a little different to other brands. I find they look is very sharp and feel extremely comfortable. I highly recommend you try one on your next open water swim.