Holly Ouellette

Holly one of our amazing spin instructors who is very passionate about the outdoors, sports, health and general well being. Her schooling background in nutrition and environmental studies has inspired her to help make changes in other peoples lives. She is currently studying to become a massage therapist and loves spending time outdoors on the weekends.

  • Limitless Spin Instructor

Spin Instructor

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Training Style

Teaches for performance, improving speed, strength and power for cycling

Class Instructor

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**Next Generation Spin ** The Athlete Spin**

Limitless Athlete

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Events or Races

Triathlons, adventure races & outdoor challenges

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Holly Ouellette
Holly OuelletteSpin Instructor

Some of my highlights

  • Spin Instructor
  • Military fitness leader
  • First Aid St johns ambulance
    • BC Bronze Medallist Triathlon Sprint Distance
    • CISM Soccer Canada first tournament goal vs Guinea
    • BC Bronze medallist Youth Soccer
    • VISL U-21 League Winner
    Activity Numbers
    1.5 Mile Run 07:37
    5km Run 16:58
    10km Run 37:15
    750m Swim 12:15
    Bench Press 250 lbs
    Race and Win!
    Sunday long runs and brunch afterwards (Deserved haha)

    Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.


    That's the hurt locker, winners love it in there.

    - Liam Chambers