Training Routes


Victoria Area


We want to inspire everyone in Victoria to get outside and enjoy what this great city has to offer. At Limitless Training we pride ourselves on our team atmosphere for all members. We offer free group training runs to any currently active Limitless member. Below are a few of our favorite training routes, come out and join us soon!

Running Routes

City / Oceanfront Run (12km)
This beautiful oceanfront run takes you from the city area wharf (Milestones) out along the pathway towards Dallas Road, then following the Oceanside to the turnaround Clover Point. This route is on a slight incline from Dallas road to the turn around and has numerous small rolling hills. Great moderate distance route for all level of fitness.

Harbor Run (5km)
This route starts at Laurel Point which overlooks the city area; you will run along the waterfront, past Parliament House and along the wharf past many restaurants. Once you cross the bridge, head for the Delta hotel to turn around point.


Elk Lake Run (10km)

This relaxing route is just outside the city area at Elk lake. Popular with the locals for swimming and the training area for the Canadian Row Team’s. The route provides a few starting points, which is personal preference as the trail loops around the lake. This route is flat, but provides great views and shaded area’s.

Cycling Routes